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What Is Sprint AIRAVE™?
Sprint AIRAVE™ is a device that creates a CDMA signal for your mobile phone (like a miniature cell tower). AIRAVE provides enhanced and reliable mobile phone coverage in your house or office even if your existing wireless coverage is poor.
How Does Sprint AIRAVE Work?
Sprint AIRAVE utilizes existing broadband data service to carry your mobile calls over the internet (similar to Voice Over Internet Protocol). And the best thing is that AIRAVE works with any Sprint CDMA handset!
What Equipment Do I need?
Sprint AIRAVE requires two things: broadband data service and an available Ethernet port. If you do not currently have an available Ethernet port on your DSL/Cable modem, you will need to purchase a router in order to connect the AIRAVE device to your broadband data service.

Unlimited Calling

With the AIRAVE Unlimited Voice Plan you can add to your existing Sprint voice plan for unlimited calling from your home.

Easy To Use

Make or receive calls from home with any Sprint phone. When you leave home, your calls are automatically transferred to the Nationwide Sprint PCS Network.

* Device works with Sprint phones and services; does not work with phones or services operating only on the Nextel National Network.
Enhanced Coverage

Use the Sprint AIRAVE with your existing DSL/Cable modem service and increase your home voice coverage.

*Requires a router with cable or DSL service and an existing Sprint phone with an active voice plan. Other equipment may be required. Enhances coverage up to 5,000 square feet.
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Download AIRAVE User Guide.

Download AIRAVE Quick Start Guide.